The Training Shed


Very professional and approachable- big difference in our dogs after 6 weeks! Thanks Jo at The Training Shed :-)
— Jamie Boyington
The best thing ever for dogs and owners. Thoroughly enjoyable and works a treat!
— Terri West
Jess has passed her rally and as her first title against her name! Thank you so much Jo I know we couldn’t do it without you. Jo has taught us how to positive train the Dachshunds to train with love, patience, rewards and treats. Traditional trainers have told me that you can’t train Dachshunds- positive training is the only way to train them! And Jo does such a good job. Thanks again Jo
— Jackie Armistead Allcroft
Darcy just adores Jo, almost leaps from the door in to her lap, Harley responds beautifully to this training and to Jo also.
Absolutely loves the training shed, they find it so much fun and results are immediate (if i can get coordinated). Love your videos, keep up the great work, very inspirational and your patience and encouragement is second to none.
— Shelley Cox


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