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Listed force-free trainer
RSPCA SA lead by example campaign


Hello! My name is Jo, many years ago when I lived in the UK I had a little rescue dog named Jenny. We were together for 12 years and I didn't even teach her to sit! 

I didn't need to- she came when I called her, always stayed close and walked nicely on the lead. Unfortunately, they don't always come so "neatly packaged" and we often realise that we need to learn to communicate with our dog. 

in 2008 I decided to take my new puppy, Molly, along to a training class and could not bring myself to apply the methods that they were teaching. I thought that there must be a better way, and so my journey began.  

My main interest as a trainer has always been to teach people how to train their dogs as effectively and humanly as possible. 

Using force free methods, positive reinforcement and good management, people can learn to teach their dogs and modify behaviour whilst building a happy and rewarding relationship. 

After several years of training my own dogs I decided to take my education to the next level and complete my Certified Training Partners qualification from the Karen Prior Training Academy- one of the highest internationally recognised qualifications for positive reinforcement training.